3-Year Course Experience – Fashion Costume Design

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Course attended: 3-Year Course – “Fashion Costume Design

Location: Palermo

Current profession: Stylist – Graphic Designer


The Fashion & Costume Design course allowed me to acquire the essential skills to design and create clothes, fashion collections, and theatrical and cinematographic costumes. I received a full theoretical and practical education in each sector of the fashion field. I had the chance to grow my knowledge, further develop my abilities and, thanks to the teachers, mature my identity as a designer. I learnt to understand who I was, who I wanted to become, and most importantly how to achieve my goal.

I never thought I’d be able to make clothes by hand: my ideas started only from a simple drawing. Thanks to AdL I overcame this barrier, succeeding in gaining a design concept of garments. And so I started to win national competitions and to participate in fashion shows both in Italy and abroad, receiving compliments from top industry members like Philip Treacy and the head of the Haute Couture section by Alexander McQueen!

The three years at AdL opened my mind and made sure I thought fully about how a collection should come about: from design to sale.

To all those who want to take this path, I’d advise you to assimilate as much as possible, to be curious even to the extreme, and to broaden your horizons. You should never stick with what you already know how to do, but exceed even your own certainties, and in this my dear teachers are wonderful because they find the rough diamond inside you and they refine it.

I now work as a stylist and graphic designer for a luxury clothing brand, forefather of the luxury stores of Palermo for Italian style and elegance, Dell’Oglio. Not a day goes by in which I don’t put into practice everything that those three years gave to me.

It was a path full of sacrifice and immense satisfaction. I’d do it again another hundred times.


Davorin Cordone

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