Luxury Brand Management


I’d say that the perfect adjective to describe Accademia del Lusso is “dynamic”. I took the Master’s Course in Luxury Brand Management during the 2009/2010 academic year. Today I’m an entrepreneur and businessman involved in developing brand potential. I co-founded a brand management studio and a trend magazine.

I throw myself completely into my work and carry it out with a lot of passion. In my studio I deal with marketing and IT development.

I chose Accademia del Lusso because it was the only school that provided a course lying halfway between the creative and commercial-managerial side of businesses. That was the role I wanted to carry out. I’m not a pure creative, but I wouldn’t be able to work either without being an integral part of the creative process of a company. The brand manager is exactly that – the figure who bonds and coordinates these two sides of a business, and it is precisely the kind of work I do today.

The most important experience I had at Accademia del Lusso was the “Coaching for Future Leaders” course with Prof. Erario. This was the most important one for me because it allowed me to understand many things, not only about the world of work but also personally. It was during this course and thanks to this course that I understood that work results depended exclusively on my skills of managing and bettering my aptitudes, and only minimally on external factors.

The most important skill Accademia del Lusso taught me was learning to see the rules of the market in a creative way. Indeed, market rules can be seen either as constructions, as laws to be followed, or used in a creative way and seen as opportunities, like playing cards to be used to win your own game. I believe that at the end of my experience at Accademia, I was, from the point of view of the knowledge I had, actually more prepared than what was required of me from some businesses, so I’d say I was trained well. Each business is different though, and it’s very important to be able to adapt to the environment you’re in.